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The Top 100 Heroes of Western Culture
These individuals have most contributed to replacing ignorance with knowledge, savagery with civilization, disease with health, tyranny with liberty, poverty with abundance, and despair with happiness.

#31: Ibn al-Haytham / Alhazen (965-1040)

Ibn al-Haytham or Alhazen (965-1040) was an Arab / Persian scientist and mathematician.

He is properly regarded as one of history's most eminent physicists. He is considered the father of optics, a pioneer of the scientific method, the founder of psychophysics and experimental psychology, and the "first scientist."

His Book of Optics is one of the most influential books in physics, impacting European scientists of the 1600s during the Scientific Revolution.

Alhazen was likely the most towering intellectual of the Arab / Persian Golden Age (700-1200), which was essentially a product of Ancient Greek / Aristotelian influence.

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