Spreading Western culture throughout the world and opposing Islamic fundamentalism, environmentalism, communism, socialism, fascism and multiculturalism

About Western Culture Global

Fast Facts

  • Who we are: The world’s first and only organization explicitly dedicated to promoting Western culture. We are an independent non-governmental organization that focuses primarily on educational efforts. We rely completely on private donations and will soon pursue 501(c)(3) non-profit organization status.
  • Why we exist: To spread the values and ideals of Western culture throughout the world.
  • What we do: Our current projects include an internationally promoted Knowledge Center and Top 100 Western Culture Heroes. Future projects include translations, book publishing, an awards program, media outreach and more.
  • Where we are: Dallas, Texas—USA
  • When we started: September 2006

Western culture is under attack throughout the world.

Islamic totalitarians spread anti-Western propaganda to every area of the globe—with the ultimate goal of creating a brutal, worldwide religious dictatorship. If this were not serious enough, others also work globally to batter Western culture, including multiculturalists, leftists, communists, socialists, dictators and many environmentalists.

To counter these grave threats, Western Culture Global believes that a good offense is the best defense.

Our mission, as a result, is to spread the ideals and values of Western culture throughout the world. In areas of the world where Western culture is currently scorned, we seek to make it admired and pursued. Where it is already significantly embraced, we seek to strengthen this embrace.

As our Knowledge Center makes clear, Western culture is of profound importance to human life. And for Western culture to continue existing in the world, it must be boldly fought for. It must not be taken for granted as the ancient Romans took it for granted—and then lost it. Before their very eyes, they witnessed what they thought was impossible: the demise of much of the civilized world and the inauguration of 1,000 years of darkness.

Even though Western culture again today faces a similar fate, it is still poised to fulfill its rightful place as humanity’s culture and spread firmly throughout the world, as it may already be starting to do. In fact, this is a reason why its enemies are so desperate to destroy it. They know that if they fail to do so, Western culture’s rays of enlightenment may soon forever destroy their nonsense.

Whether they or Western culture ultimately succeeds in this historic conflict is probably entirely up to those living right now. Please do what you can to ensure that Western culture is triumphant.

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