Western Culture Global — projects designed to counter Islamic totalitarianism, multiculturalism, leftists, environmentalism

Our Projects

Current Projects

  • Knowledge Center – We maintain, improve and continue to build a Knowledge Center about Western culture on our website. It demonstrates the nature and importance of Western culture, a subject of profound significance that the great majority of the world’s people are ignorant or confused about.

    We drive visitors to the Knowledge Center by developing relationships with Western culture supporters and sympathizers around the world who help in promoting our website, both online and offline.

  • Top 100 Heroes of Western Culture – We maintain a list of and biographies for individuals who have most contributed to Western culture and its development.

Future Projects

  • Translations – We are currently gathering information on whether translating our website and Knowledge Center, including books in the Online Library, into the world’s major languages is a good investment. (English is increasingly becoming a global language.) If we determine that it is, we will have dedicated websites for the different languages.

  • Book Publishing – We plan to publish several books about Western culture. The first book that we publish will be a Western culture primer. It will contain an overview of the nature and importance of Western culture as well as an introduction to authors and thinkers of Western culture and their works. It will likely be necessary for us to subsidize the publication and international promotion of this book and others.

  • Media Outreach – We promote the ideals and values of Western culture through the news media. We will produce op-eds, press releases and letters to the editor for newspapers, magazines and websites worldwide.

  • Awards – We plan to annually honor individuals from around the world who champion Western culture.

  • International Offices – To improve our effectiveness, we plan to have at least one office on each inhabited continent of the world.

Why Our Projects Are Important 

Even just a moderate success for our projects is an important step toward achieving the following:

Global Peace 
Western ideals and values (specifically reason and the recognition of rights) discourage conflict and the use of force while encouraging peace and goodwill among people and nations. As a result, the threat of significant violence or war—including terrorism—would be virtually eliminated upon even a moderate acceptance of Western culture throughout all of the world.

Global Prosperity 
Western ideals and values can deeply enrich the spirit of every person on earth. They are the products of humanity at its best and most enlightened. They can fulfill the need that everyone has for meaningful and viable ideals and values.

Western culture can also be enriching materially. The global spread of Western culture (specifically capitalism) is capable of not just eliminating the deadly poverty and spirit-breaking stagnation that dominate too much of the world; it can also take humanity’s standard of living and enjoyment of life to unprecedented, spectacular heights.

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